A completed application is submitted along with the non-refundable application fee.
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Placement Exams:

The grade appropriate Placement Exam must be taken for grades two through five. Students entering grades K5 and first will be required to have a screening.

Family Interview:

An interview will be scheduled within two weeks of submitting the application. Both parents (if applicable) or guardians and the potential student will meet with the principal and/or school board member and/or advisor. Within 48 hours of the family interview, written notification will be sent as to the acceptance or non-acceptance of the student.

Registration Deposit:

Receipt of this non-refundable deposit, due upon acceptance or by June 15th, whichever comes first, secures the placement for the student at MCA. Though non-refundable, this fee is deducted from the first tuition installment.


It is the policy of MCA to admit students, transfer or first-time, following the beginning of the school year on a probationary status only. This academic probation will be for a duration of thirty days from enrollment. The administration, along with the teaching staff, will evaluate the student at the end of the probationary period. The principal will then make the final determination as to the retention or release of the student.


All withdrawals must be approved through the school office.

When enrolling your child in MetroWest Christian Academy, it is assumed the enrollment will be for the full school year. If, however, circumstances make it necessary for you to withdraw your child, any balance of tuition will be determined by the date of withdrawal. No financial aid credit will be given if withdrawn within the first quarter.

Student transcripts will only be released to another school. This is accomplished upon receipt of a signed, written request.